Network Infrastructure
  • Copper

    ETek knows that an optimal network starts with its infrastructure. ETek's cable installers follow all IEEE standards and take great pride in the work they do.  Whether you have a small office or large campus, ETek's cable installers has experience in all types environments and will get the job done right!

  • Fiber Optics

    Copper has its limits, and when you need connectivity for long distances you need Fiber Optics.  ETek has used fiber optics to connect a range of networks.  Whether you’re a college needing connectivity between buildings or a school district needing connectivity  between schools, ETek has a solution.  We use one of the best fusion splicers on the market and we guarantee that your fiber network will be second to none.

  • Certification/Testing

    Looking for a certified network, ETek can give you that.  With every cabling job, comes the satisfaction knowing that each drop/fiber will be tested and certified with one of the best testers on the market.  ETek can test for any standard you desire

  • Wireless

    Point to Point/ Point to Multipoint

    Specializing in outdoor RF Wireless WAN / LAN connectivity, ETek has brought multiple remote sites together as if connected through dedicated circuits through wireless. ETek has engineered and implemented point to point links as long as 35 miles and as fast as 300mb/s actual throughput.  ETek also engineers and constructs towers for wireless equipment.


    With the right hardware manufacturer and correct installation methodology, reliability is virtually 99%.


    Indoor WLAN

    As smart phones and tablets are becoming more popular in schools and businesses, you must have the wireless infrastructure that can support all these devices.  ETek uses controller based wireless LANS to achieve this.  Controller based WLAN’s give you the ability to control many Access points from one device, making managing your wireless network much easier.  ETek has experience in many different WLAN controllers and can implement the right product for your needs.



Proactive IT


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Cloud Technology


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Protecting Business


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